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The Butterfly Encounters Inflatable Habitat

Amusement Supply Co. is excited to present The Butterfly Encounters Inflatable Habitat. Our goal is to educate the world about Butterflies, including the life cycles, migrations, and the crucial role of being a pollinator for our Mother Earth as well as create another revenue stream for the industry.

ASC has put together the perfect package for you to start your new venture! As more schools are eliminating inflatables from their festivals, we will give you the tools on how to get into the Schools, Fairs and Festivals as a paid educational attraction. The possibilities are endless with The Butterfly Encounters Inflatable Habitat.

The Butterfly Encounters is a 20’x13.5’x9.25’ walk through inflatable habitat with
double chamber doors on one end and netted windows with removable clear vinyl as well on the top and sides of the attraction so it can be enjoyed in all weather conditions. Your visitors will have actual contact with free flying butterflies. They are able to hand feed them, learn about the butterflies and experience watching butterflies in an environment that is very unique surrounded by colorful nectar plants. All ages will enjoy this experience!

A Glimpse Inside The Butterfly Encounters


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